Long Arm Quilting Services – Let Quilting Mojo add to the magic of your quilt. 

I offer the following design options and prices.

  • Basting as preparation for you to quilt: $0.010 per square inch.
  • Stipple – this is a lightly quilted meander across the entire quilt – $0.013 per square inch.
  • Pattern – edge to edge pattern from my samples (free motion) or from a pantograph. See Urban Elementz for design choices – $0.16 per square inch
  • Mid Custom – a border to border design with custom borders OR simplified custom quilting. – $.021 per square inch.
  • Custom-$.025 per square inch.
  • Expanded Custom- $0.28 per square inch.

Minimum Quilting Charge – $35.00

No setup charge.  I will use your batting or I will provide batting for a fee.

I can offer binding services (no hand binding).  Check for pricing.

Quilt Preparation:

  • Please check your quilt for loose seams.
  • I can provide backing and/or batting for a fee, if you prefer.
  • Press top and backing fabric.
  • Backing and batting should be at least 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top.
  • Mark the top edge of your quilt top and backing with safety pins
  • Do not put the layers together (that’s what you pay me for).

Quilting Order Form:  order-form

Longarm Quilting Services – FAQ

I like to make my own quilt tops, but I’d rather have someone else do the quilting. Can you quilt my top for me?  I love to quilt!  With my Innova Longarm Quilting machine and 10 foot frame, I can do any quilt up to 105 by 105 inches.  I offer edge to edge designs, border to border with custom borders, or complete custom work.  All of my work is hand-guided, but for edge to edge and border to border, you can select a pattern from Urban Elementz and I will order the pantograph to quilt it for you. There’s no extra charge because I am trying to build up my library.  Please add 8 to 10″ to the length and width of your backing. All extra backing fabric and batting will be returned to you.

I want to quilt myself by hand or by domestic machine but I need to have it basted.  Can you do that?  Yes.  Basting was the part of quilting that I dreaded most until I got my longarm.  Let me know how you want it basted…I can do it with water soluble thread, or regular thread in a garish color to make it easy to remove.  I will do it herringbone style (a series of Z’s across the quilt to hold everything in place).

Am I required to buy batting from you?  No, I will quilt with your batting.  Please be sure to add at least 8-10″ to the length and width.  If you would like me to use my batting for your quilt, I offer Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting or Quilter’s Dream Wool and it will be $.004 cents/square inch (LxW).  I can also obtain other specialty battings (100% cotton, silk, etc.) so ask me for pricing.

If you do not want to provide a quilt back, I will purchase one for you.  The fabric will be $10 to $15 per yard…we can select something together.  I do not keep fabric in stock. Any excess will be returned to you with your quilt.

T-Shirt Quilts

I will turn your collection of t-shirts into a practical item that you can use to keep warm on the couch, in the stadium, or wherever you want.  I use the highest quality quilt-shop fabrics and materials so that your memories will be preserved for a lifetime.

T-shirt quilts are great for

  • Graduation gifts
  • Christmas gifts
  • Celebrate a sport, band, vacation, or other hobby
  • Remember a loved one who has passed away

When selecting your t-shirts:  

  • Always pre-wash and be sure shirts are clean.  DO NOT use fabric softener or dryer sheets because they will keep the stabilizer I use from working.
  • Send me the entire shirt OR cut out the image but leave a large margin because I will need to trim it down.
  • I can include sweatshirts and sports jerseys as well as t-shirts.
  • Each graphic image counts as a square. If a shirt has images on both sides, be clear about which image (or both) should be included in the quilt.

T-Shirt Quilt Options

Quilt Type Finished Size (approximate) Your Cost (see what is included below) Number of shirts required
Wall Hanging 54” X 54” $175 9
Lap Quilt 56” X 72” $250 12


Stadium 70” X 70” $350 16
Twin 70” X 88” $425 20
Double 89’ X 89” $550 25
Queen 89” X 103” $625 30
King 103” X 103” $700 36


Your Cost includes:

  • High quality quilting cotton fabric for the sashing, border, backing and binding – I will use a solid color or small print fabric in a coordinating color in between each shirt graphic and for an outside border. The fabric for the binding will also be included.
  • Design fees and labor.
  • Quilting will be performed with Invisible thread to provide texture and keep the quilt square.
  • Batting – Hobbs 80/20 is standard
  • Stabilizer to reinforce the shirts.
  • Digital quilting design in the pattern/theme of your choice.  Large selection of designs available at Urban Elementz.
  • Binding will be done by machine. If you prefer to finish the binding yourself, I will attach binding to the front by machine and let you turn it to the back and finish it yourself.

Pillow Pets:

Get your pet onto a 20 x 20 pillow.  Send me a photo of your pet and I will do the rest.  Choice of fabric colors.  $130.