The One Where Karl Lost His Man Cave

Sometimes a room takes years to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up.  We have just such a room.  Years ago, we added an attached garage to our home, and used the space above to build two additional rooms.  One room is the exercise room, and it is happy with its career choice, even though sometimes it doubles as a clothes dryer.

The media room, however, has never been completely right.  We have a built in shelving system to hold the cable box, AV receiver, DVD player,  etc. and the room is wired for seven channel surround sound.  We painted the walls a dark color, to enhance the mood for watching movies.  We planned to put the large television up here, and only keep a small t.v. in the main house for watching the news, etc.  We tried, and for a time we really did remove ourselves to the media room each night after dinner to watch in comfort and immerse ourselves in sound.

media room

As time went on, there were more and more nights when we just didn’t move from the living room after dinner.  It was much easier to let the dogs outside from the living room. Lightning struck more than once and ruined the cable box, and then the sub-woofer.  We gave into temptation and bought a nicer television for the living room.  This was during the time when the large tube technology was making way for the new flat screen televisions.  The media room had a huge Sony television weighing hundreds of pounds.  In the living room we now had a flat screen HDTV.  We put surround sound in the living room too.

For a time, the media room became a game room.  Our son would have friends sleep over, and they would do sleeping bags on the floor in the media room. That huge tv had a front video input, so the kids would bring their gaming systems and play all night.  Do you know why they call it a bonus room?  Because the bonus for us was that the room was in a completely separate wing of the house and we couldn’t hear all the noise!

Kids grow up and stop having sleepovers, so the room was used less and less.  Periodically, my husband Karl would go up there and put music on.  He could sit in his chair in the middle of the room and enjoy the surround sound and solitude.  But he was only up there a few times a year for music.  I used the floor to baste some quilts, and to block a quilt.  But the room was not being used much at all.

When I decided to buy a longarm, we measured my sewing room and determined that a longarm would fit, but everything else would have to go.  Not good.  We measured the master bedroom, and everything would fit in there, but that was a sacrifice I wasn’t willing to make.  Then we measured the media room and sure enough, the longarm will fit.  I expect there will be a story about getting the pieces up there, what with the 90 degree angle on the stairway.

Once the decision was made, Karl gave way gracefully and really embraced the idea of my new business.  So I decided to paint!  Here is the old color (yellow):

Old Color

And here are some photos of the room in progress:

New Color 3New Color 2


You see that TV?  That is the one from the living room that usurped the big Sony’s place in our hearts.  Now it is banished to the longarm studio where it will serve the purpose of playing quilting DVDs for me to learn from.

Next up…a new 4 foot daylight fluorescent light fixture.  I’ll post an update when the room is done and the light fixture is in place.  For now, I need to go check on Karl’s progress with the paint.


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